Regular Season Games

Number of Games –  There are 25 games during the regular season.

First Period – 30 minutes of run time – after the Zambonie has cleared the ice, there is a 3 minute warm up time.

– There clock does not stop for injuries or any other delay.

Second Period – Set the clock for 28 minutes – start the clock the moment the referee starts the play. The clock remains running until the 3:00 minute mark.

– At the 3:00 minute mark the game becomes stop time – whenever the play is blown dead the clock must be stopped. Only restarted when the referee begins play.

– There are no time outs allowed at any time.

Team Reps –  if you have any issues please speak to your team rep, they are your voice in the league

– please inform your team rep if you cannot play so he can get a replacement player.


– It is expected that all players will:

– conduct themselves in a respectful manner during play and after the game.

– to shake hands at the end of each game.

– be aware of senior players and players of average ability.

– do not create or get involved in altercations with players or referees.



Minor Penalty – 3 minutes during run-time

– at the 3 minute stop time mark a minor penalty will only be 2 minutes long.

Note – Swinging at the puck above your shoulder (without touching it) can be considered high sticking. Throwing the stick in any manner is a also a penalty.

Double Minor – 6 minutes served by a team mate

– penalized player will be ejected from the game

Major Penalty-  7 minutes served by a team mate

– penalized player will be ejected from the game

Minor Misconduct – The referee will eject the player from the game.

– usually given for improper conduct on the ice.

Major Misconduct – The referee will eject the player from the game

– usually given for a severe infraction of the rules.

After 3 minor penalties – The player is ejected from the game and a team mate will serve the penalty.

Note – A Double minor, Major Misconduct or Fighting will be an automatic ejection from the game, a automatic 1 game suspension pending a league hearing for further discipline.

Penalty Accumulation  – if a player reaches these penalty markers during the season:

** – 36 minutes in penalties is an automatic 1 game suspension.

** – 54 minutes in penalties is an automatic 2 game suspension.

– Both instances will be reviewed by the suspension review committee for possible further discipline.

** – The penalty minute totals will include the games in the playoffs.



There are ten teams in the league.

– Team 1st place to 6th place will automatically go to the quarter finals.

– Teams from 7th place to 10th place will play a Wild Card game to fill out the top 8 teams in the quarter finals.

– Championship Night will be held at Glanbrook Arena