GNHL 2020/21 SEASON(S)

After significant discussions with various parties, the GNHL Executive are pleased to announce the return of GNHL Hockey for the 2020 season(s). Due to government by-laws and restrictions thereof, the resumption of regular play is required to be changed. Therefore, the GNHL will be required to return to play with some modifications to our league rules and playing rules. Below is the list of changes your Executive Committee must put in place in order to abide with current Ontario Guidelines.

*Please note, this not an exclusive list and is subject to change up to the beginning of any play.

**Please also understand that this situation and rules thereof are rapidly changing and your executive is doing its best to adhere to these changes as they are presented and in a way to ensure the best GNHL experience.

GNHL Hockey in 2020/21

We will play two shortened seasons consisting of 13 weeks each.

  • The first season has a targeted start date of Oct 4th through to Dec 27th – GNHL 2020 Season.
  • The second season has a targeted start date of Jan 3rd through to March 28thGNHL 2021 Season.
  • There will be no playoffs or championship for either season. Current Bylaw only permits incidental contact – NO Aggressive Play.
  • Game statistics will be collected for all play.
  • Cost for the first 13 game season will be $230.00 payable upon Contract acceptance for the 2020 Season E Transfers Preferred.
  • Your Executive Committee will conduct a Draft for both seasons.
  • At this time – Teams will consist of 10 skaters, 1 goalie. A total of 25 People (including refs and timekeepers) per Ice surface MAX (Current Bylaw).
  • A decision is pending as to if Play will be 5 on 5, with 2 referees and 1 timekeeper (this is subject to current Bylaws).
  • At this time, our hope is to be able to play with standard GHNL game rules (subject to change).
  • Any member that wishes to sit out the 2020 season will be allowed to do so and will be exempt from the $25 LOA fee, however we do please ask that you complete and submit a LOA form.
  • The GNHL Membership is required to Pre-Screen All players Each week before Sundays Morning Games. A Pre-Screening Form has been developed on the website ( This is a Mandatory Requirement for All Players before each game.

2020/21 Contracts & Payment

For all members that previously submitted contracts prior to the cancellation of the 2019/20 season, unfortunately we can not use these contracts for the proposed 2020 season. If you have submitted a cheque it will not be cashed and will be destroyed. If you submitted an e-transfer, your money will be refunded.


Registration for the 2020 season has been extended to September 18th as play will be 5 on 5.

Please fill out a Leave of Absence form if you do NOT wish to play in the 2020 season (October to December).

You MUST fill out a Call-Up form if you wish to be a call-up player or goalie for the 2020 season.

COVID-19 Controls and Rules Issued by Mohawk 4 Ice

  • Masks/ Face Coverings will be required to enter and exit the Mohawk 4 Pad Facility.
  • Spectators will Not Be Allowed for adult programming.
  • Dressing rooms may not be available for a limited for a limited duration of time (15 mins before game / 15 mins after).
  • Showers will not be available.
  • Participants will only be allowed access to the building 15 minutes before their ice time (must be screened/contact traced by the GNHL).
  • Participants will have to leave the building 15 minutes after their ice time ends.
  • All time slots will be 1 hour in duration.
  • There will be No Spitting or Spitting Water, all players must bring their own labeled water bottle.
  • 30-minute Buffer Time will be scheduled between rentals (Currently City of Hamilton Bylaw for Ice Rentals).
  • Limited team rosters (9 to 11 participants per team) – (Currently City of Hamilton Bylaw for Ice Rentals).
  • No gathering in the parking lot.

*Unfortunately at this time, under no circumstance is any GNHL Team or Member allowed to bring Food or Celebratory Beverages in the facility (dressing rooms).

*It is important that we adhere to this for the time being to ensure the GNHL is allowed to continue to operate this upcoming season.